They say imitation is the best flattery right?  Well….I dunno.  I mean, sure, maybe other people thought up the name all by themselves.  But I have a bit of a hard time believing that completely.  I started The Voodoo Empire quite a while back now.  I mean, it was probably ten years ago that folks came up with Rev. Voodoo as my DJ name.  And The Voodoo Empire followed hot on the heals of that.  And a while after that The Voodoo Empire was officially incorporated as a business and trademark. 

Now I’m a bit of a sucker for numbers on the internet, so I have all kinds of automated Google analytics stuff going on to keep track of things.  More and more imitators keep popping up lately.  It was a few years back now that an imposter Rev. Voodoo showed up online.  But that didn’t last too long.  I bid on the domain he was running and snatched it up as soon as he let it lapse.  There haven’t been any more Rev. Voodoos that I’ve found, seems the new thing is The Voodoo Empire.  Over the past year I’ve come across probably 5 or 6 different iterations of The Voodoo Empire.  Now that’s just plain silly to me.

Not to complain or anything.  We all know who the real Voodoo Empire is.  That’s right it’s all of us!  We’re all one big happy music making, artistic, Voodoo Empire!  Oh well, I’m sure these imposters will come and go just like the last ones.  Anyway, I think I’m about to get really busy.  Keep your eyes peeled for that little bit of news as soon as I get things finalized.  I’m hoping to crank out a couple new digital designs to get some fresh items up in the shop.  And as always, I’d love to get some new local mixes up, anyone brewing up anything good?

That’s all for my little rant!  You know your Reverend loves ya!  From the REAL Voodoo Empire!