The time has come for Maxwell and Joe to throw another amazing party.  Anyone who attended the ‘Pimps and Hoes’ party knows just what the Reverend is talking about.  It’s coming up quick on Saturday April 26 at Maxwell and Joe’s house.  And this could well be the last party thrown in this house so come out for a great time.  Price of admission is 5 bux and it’s more than worth it.  Joe will have Miller Lite and Bells kegs on tap.  So raid your closets, or that of a cousin in Swanton.  Feather that mullet up real good, hop in your Camaro and head over to the party.  The fun starts at 10pm.  There will be a best dressed contest, so come to impress (anyone you’d see at a Poison concert).  DJ’s grab your records, tables will be set up and your services are needed!