I see a lot of folks looking for music to ride to. I think it’s weird when people are looking for music where the BPM matches their cadence. I think it’s because their listening to the wrong music! Listen, I love me some Suicidal Tendencies, The Cult, Beastie Boys, Paris, I could go on. The problem with standard music is that each time the song ends, you risk losing the vibe. I go for long form DJ mixes. Try it. You can find full ride length shit that just pulls you in. You zone out, BPM don’t matter, nothing matters!

Give this one a try! You’re gonna need a woofer. You want this up in your face, aggressive, physical. This is good for an hour ride, maybe on Zwift – London would be good, you’re feeling aggressive and need something a little punchy. This one will do it!