Wow, I just can’t believe how much fun this week has been. /end sarcasm.  Seriously.  I just wanted to come back home and ease back into work as a married man.  But we discovered that the resort had accidentally lifted the hold they had on my bank card for $2500, then charged that back to me as a full charge.  So $2500 just disappeared from my account.  I have spent days on the phone with Puerto Rico, and with Charter One, until today I finally got the right combination of people together that got me my answers.  I’m getting my money back from the resort.  But now…the bank.  They sure don’t want to give up their free money!  They charged something like $500 and counting in overdraft fees.  There was a delay of 36 hours between when the hold got lifted and the bad charge got issue, and I thought I had money for a moment and paid all my bills.  So each of those bills got a fee.  My mortgage and car payments got denied.  And the bank was trying to keep the OD fees.  Finally I have to file an affadavit of fraud against the resort to get my overdraft fees back.

Next up comes the electronics.  My laptop just spit up its Z key!  Why would it do that?  I rarely even use the Z key.  That is going to endlessly bother me unless I can figure out how to fix it.  And my cellphone, Palm Pre number 3 is coming up.  OK, so the first replacement was my fault, and that was easy to get.  But apparently if you get a phone from sprint on the insurance thing, you have to get the replacement phone from them too.  And they are really only set up to file new claims, not defective returns.  The phone number that was given to me wouldn’t even dial from a cellphone, and I only have a cellphone, and they are a company based on cellphone business.  What is the deal with that?  I finally got through to them from my work phone.  Oh well though, that’s all dealt with.

And finally… insurance.  Man oh man.  I’ve tried to get thios dealt with for some time now and nobody can help me.  My work’s open enrollment deadlin is Friday.  I would like to have my wife added to my current year’s insurance now, so that I don’t have to enroll by Friday, then add her to this year’s insurance, then re-enroll for next years.  That sounds like a major headache, and a giant chance for some idiot to make a mistake.  Well…when trying to add her to the insurance the problems are twofold.  First I couldn’t enroll my wife because the insurance company seems to have lost my divorce paperwork from back in 2006, so they say I still have a wife.  And the second problem was that I had added Ankhjii a few years back as my beneficiary under her maiden name obviously, we weren’t married yet.  But the insurance company is convinced she is 2 different people using one social security number.  This issue I haven’t figured out quite yet…..

Anyway, that is all.  Sorry for the long winded rant, I try to keep that stuff offline, but venting seemed appropriate.  I love you all my little empire-lings, I’ll get some fresh new tunes up here asap!