Well, we’ve decided to make the leap.  In a way to simplify my life….I’ve decided to switch over all of The Voodoo Empire’s online presence to be WordPress based.  It’s just what I understand bese.  I was having too many problems with the previous forum….and once I did get things fixed, I realized it was too hard to keep relearning various pieces of software that I hadn’t worked on in a while.  I know WordPress well enough to be able to fix any trouble….and most importantly, it just plain works.  I’m pretty active on the support forums trying to help folks whenever I can, and I know I can get the help I need if I ever do!  So here we have it, The New Voodoo Forum.  The theme isn’t totally complete yet, I’m pretty busy at work…..when I have some time, I’ll finish up, but it look pretty good now, and definitely works great!  Hope you enjoy!