A while back, I changed the look of my blog. The old theme, which I had custom coded from scratch, had become dated. I really want to custom code something new, but I just don’t have time. So we switched to Fanwood, and the associated VoodooWood child theme. That was just an experiment – it didn’t quite have the feel I was after. Today we have switched over to a new theme combo, FavePersonal, and the FaveVoodoo child theme. I’m not sure if I will stick with this one or not for the long term, but right now, this works. It’s got a clean look, which was my number 1 priority. I want the content here to speak for itself! I’ll slowly get functionality added, as I learn how to work within the framework this theme provides. Today, I added in the audio post format so all my music downloads. That is the priority for me on this site!

If you see any issues, drop me a message! I’ll continue working on things here as I have time!