Took a minute to scan through my workload for the week. This class has been pretty unreal in terms of reading, discussion, and assignments. We’re focusing on including special needs populations in Emergency Management this week, cool. So I look at the reading.

Week Eight Reading Assignments
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Readings available on Doc Sharing:

  • CPG 301 Interim Emergency Management Planning Guide for Special Needs of People with Disabilities
  • Guide on the Special Needs of People with Disabilities for Emergency Managers, Planners & Responders
  • Disaster Preparation for Vulnerable Populations
  • EAS Warning System
  • IPAWS Fact Sheet
  • L-217 Donations Management
  • National Donations Management Strategy
  • Long Term Recovery NOVOAD
  • American Veterinarians Disaster Planning and Preparedness Guide (Tab C)

OK, so it looks like a lot of reading. I open some of the documents… good lord man. The very first one, CPG-301 is 80 pages. It goes on and on like that. We have 4 discussion threads to go through this week… each with 5-10 questions. And there is the wrap-up assigment for the week, developing an EOP annex to address all of the issues.

The Arnold is this week, so I’ve got to find a way to read all of this and get my discussions up by Wednesday and then figure out how to get the assignment done while being MIA for three days. Bah! OK, venting done, lol.