I just finished setting up a new and improved URL shortening service. Vudu.me, it’s mostly to have cool, personally branded shortlinks. But one of the benefits is that it’s a new domain name for The Voodoo Empire. This means that if you have an email address with us, you could now have emails sent to username @vudu.me and the email will show up in your primary inbox. Don’t forget, The Voodoo Empire offers free gmail based email! All you gotta do is ask and we can set you up! It can even work with your existing gmail account, so nothing will change, you’ll just get access to our personalized email addresses. We currently have 8 registered domain names, and if you have one of them, you have them all. Any email sent to your name @ any of the domains goes to your main inbox, cool eh?

And for those of you looking to set up your own personalized shortlink service, I’ll have instructions on VoodooPress very soon.