Woohoo, you guys did it! Angela Yeo has made it through the nomination round and is on the ballot for voting! Voting is open now. We couldn’t be happier, and man, we really appreciate the vote of confidence from everyone who got her this far! I know how hard she works and your support shows that you agree with me. Now, we could really use your help one more time. If you could please just take moment to head to this link and vote for her (or click the image link below), that would be amazing! It’ll take you right to her individual voting page. You may have to wait a second for the vote box to show up, I know I normally do. Again, we really do appreciate your support, and it would be super cool to have her recognized for what we already know – she’s Toledo’s best personal trainer! If you want to know more about her, her business, and how to contact her, please visit her trainer website as well!

Best of Toledo 2018 Ballot