You may not even be able to tell, but the VoodooEmpire3 WordPress theme that is used on this very site is very near to completion after a fun day of coding.  The integration of many new features was seamless!  Everything looks the same, but it doesn’t have to anymore!  We’ve added a full featured admin menu onto the theme.  You can now swap out the background, the header image, the footer image, all the icons in the footer, all the links in the footer (including the copyright info), you can specify default thumbnails to be used in titles and posts if no ‘featured image’ is selected, you can swap out RSS feeds for a feedburner feed, you can even upload your own ttf or otf fonts and then assign them to various areas of the site.  Plus, if you swap out the header for your own, you can specify a new logo to drop on, and give it a link.  The only thing left to do is graphical.  We want to give you choices!  So soon, you will be able to pick from a variety of colour schemes!  And you can do this all from a menu system, how cool is that?