Well, been working on the finishing touches here at The Voodoo Empire.  You are looking at the final product.  We wanted to get the theme finished before the release of WP3, which will start the process all over!  Already in the plans are a new menu system for just under the header.  The one in place (the internal WP text links, not the external image based nav) is a bit dated, but WP3 is going to have a new menu system, so we are waiting to overhaul that.  We just refinished overhauling the sidebar, and touching up just a bit of the typography…things like spacing in the titles, leading caps, etc. 

But as far as WP2.x goes, we’re going to consider this a final theme.  It’ll stick around here a while finally.  This is probably the 3rd major theme change, with countless edite to themes and verious overhauls.  But we’ve finally got things pretty much where we want them.  Hope ya like it!