We’ve decided to get this going again.  The past couple of years have been rough for a lot of people.  We missed last year because of so many issues.  The year before we managed to do this and have a blast, that was right before the accident.  We think its high time to get everyone together again, cook some meats, play some music, and have fun!  So on July 10th come on out.  Bring your grillables, bring some records maybe, definitely bring spare chairs if you have them……but most importantly bring yourself!  I’m gonna try to get a slip’n’slide or something of the sort.  I’ll definitely have the grill fired up with a fresh tank of propane.  Come on out for a day of fun!  As always, if ya got the little ones, they are welcome….we keep it family friendly all day!  Hope to see ya out.  Log on to Facebook and check out my events section to discuss if ya wanna!  Maybe even RSVP.  See ya then!