I decided to do a little bit of research yesterday about the whole google apps thing.  And boy was I surprised!  Seems I misunderstood how things worked all along.  So now I have tonnes of email accounts to give away for free, for all of our domains!  That’s right, you can be anything @ rvoodoo.com, thevoodooempire.com, ankhjii.com, djodawa.com or reverendvoodoo.com.  And the best news, you don’t have to pick!  When I set up an account for you, you automatically get your name @ all of those domains!  Not only that, you can have many nicknames.  So you can have a variety of names, at all those domains, all handled by one inbox.  And the email is handled by google.  So it’s a reliable and familiar interface!

You see, when I first signed up with godaddy quite some time ago, I bought an email hosting plan with a few mailboxes.  So I couldn’t give many addresses away.  Then I signed up for google apps, which allowed google to handle my email instead of godaddy.  But I didn’t truly understand how it worked.  I still thought the email accounts had to exist on godaddy and teh email was just forwarded to google.  Boy was I wrong!

I only had rvoodoo.com set up with google apps, but I wanted to get all my domains listed.  So I set it all up, messed with the MX records, etc.  After I did that I wanted to experiment, because the reading I’d done led me to believe that I had misunderstood things.  I set up a testing account on google and never set it up on godaddy.  When I sent an email to the account, it worked!  So I decided to try the other domains.  Without adjusting anything emails sent to the tesing account @ all those other domains worked perfectly.  So then I tried a nickname on the testing account.  And the nickname at all the domains also went to that account!

That’s when I decided to get real brave.  I went in to my godaddy back end and deleted all the email accounts I had in there.  And I was delighted to see that all my email accounts still worked!  So there you have it!  I learned a thing or two, and I found out I have far more flexibility than I had thought. 

And I have far more email addresses to give out than I thought!  So if you are interested, hit me up.  Your new email account would run on google, so if you are familiar with that interface, nothing will change.  If you are not using google, that’s just strange!  Also, if you are already using an established email account…it’s not hard to incorporate.  You can either forward your new account to your old, or like I did, forward your old emails to your new account.  You won’t miss any emails.