I’m trying to find a bike shop I want to buy from. That’s a bit of a decision in itself! I’ve gotten quite a few recommendations from various folks. A lot are from people I work with, which is cool – but, I live in Toledo and their suggestions are often in Michigan, north of my work even. I don’t mind the drive, to be honest. But I want to find the best bike shop closest to home. I think it’s important to develop a decent relationship with the shop. I want to find a place that I’m going to want to bring my bike back to often. I fully intend to drop a bit of loot each year on upgrades and whatnot (wheels after the first year, for instance), and bikes always need maintenance. So I really do want to buy a bike at a place that seems interested in having me come back. I’ve been to a couple of shops so far. One didn’t seem all that interested in me and another one was kind of meh and folks I knew who bought at that shop didn’t really have glowing reviews.

So I stumbled on a place called Spoke Life Cycles in Perrysburg. They have some decent reviews online and they are close to home. They also replied to me on Facebook and their website looks decent. Yes, I do judge businesses by their online efforts. So I’m going to check them out after work today. What do you think? Do you have a particular shop you like? Why?