Jeez! So I’ve posted a good deal about buying my new bike. I even mentioned the shop I bought it from. I spoke with them recently and found out my bike shipped out this past Friday. So it should be in the shop any day now, assembled, and ready to ride! I’m prone to over-researching everything, to the point of paralysis on trying to make a decision. I have a bike rack for my car, it’s good enough and hauls my 2 MTBs just fine. But I heard that a bike rack that supports the bike by the frame isn’t good for a carbon bike. So I did a tonne of research which led nowhere – for every person saying it’s bad, another says it’s fine. I looked through owners manuals from various manufacturers and they didn’t say not to. I couldn’t figure out what to do. How the hell was I going to get my bike home??

Have you jumped ahead to the obvious yet? I was Googling to find the best route from the shop to my house. I had a thought. The freakin’ shop is eight miles from my house. Seven of those miles are on my normal daily route. I mean, I ride that way ALL THE TIME. It’s a bike… ride the damned thing home!! I mean, if I ride my old clunker 75 miles, I can probably handle riding an amazing new bike 8 miles! Hell, I probably take the really long way home!