Again, I fail at being a web guy! I have this wonderful website and I forget to post anything on it! Well, tomorrow marks the start of the ToS – The Tour of Sufferlandria.  Feel free to click that link and take a look at what it entails. This is my third tour and it’s shaping up to be the most miserable yet!! Woohoo!! I have 9 days of pedaling to look forward to… just pedaling, lots of pedaling! Got a bike and an indoor trainer? You should join the fun. You could do it for $10 – the cost of a month subscription to The Sufferfest app. You can cancel your subscription right after the tour… but why would you? I join for all the cold months to suffer all winter long!

In all seriousness, the Tour offers some amazing prizes and community – all in support of the Davis Phinney foundation. I hope you’ll click that link above and learn some more, maybe even donate?