I just wanted to make one more post before the big day! We really appreciate all of the support we’ve gotten: help, resources, contacts, money, thoughts, positive energy, anything! You’ve all helped Ankhjii by showing support, minimizing stress, etc. This has allowed her to really focus on what she needed to focus on. You’ve all made this day possible, and you are all amazing friends!

I wanted to take one more opportunity to post the details for anyone needing them.

Prejudging – This is the first part of the competition at 11:30am. The cost for anyone wanting to watch this potion is $10.

Finals – The final posing in which winners get picked and the awards presented is at 5:00pm. The cost to watch the finals is $20.

The flyer mentions that advance tickets are $25 for both. I do not know if that deal is available at the door or not, I’m anticipating spending the full $30. If you can only attend one part, the finals are probably where the action is at. We also don’t know exactly what happens when, so I cannot venture a guess as to when Ankhjii will be on stage – for eaither portion it would be best to be there right at the start time. Remember, this is also a bodybuilding show. There could potentially be many groups of men and women posing so we also don’t know exactly how long any portion will last.

We will be in and out of the theatre – could be there, could be home, could be running emergency errands. I can’t guarantee where we will be at any given time. One thing for certain, Ankhjii will not be available at all and won’t have her phone on her (no pockets in them tiny suits). If anyone needs anything, you will have to contact me. I will have my phone on me.

That’s it for now! Another big thank you to everyone who helped us out on this journey! I’ll have pictures and results after the show to post and I plan to thank many folks by name who went out of their way for us!