Time sure flies when you are busy!  I can’t believe the party is already this Saturday, but it’s here.  I’m off work tomorrow to finish cleaning up the yard so nobody thinks I’m lazy! (OK, Ankhjii has been bustin her tail gettin it done for days now).  Just remember, bring chairs if you have them… I have almost none!  Bring your drinks, stuff for the grill, etc.  I will have some sides, salads, chips, plus I always cook too much.  Bring your records, as always Tombraydar has come through with the gear!  I’ll have shade set up, our cherry tree is huge now, plus we have the tents we set up.  I just checked the weather, lookin good!  No rain in the forecast as of now, and the temperature is supposed to drop down to the low 80s.  Maybe not ideal, but better than this week.  I’ll have some sort of water thing for you to cool off with, a slip’n’slide, or whatever is available at Meijer.  Feel free to camp out in the yard for the night if you have a tent, or we have floor space….. sorry I can’t offer better lodging, we have slowly been renovating and haven’t replenished all our furniture yet.

I think that’s about it.  The most important thing of course is to bring yourself and have a blast!