I’ve really got the urge lately to overhaul rvoodoo.com. But I just can’t make up my mind on what I want it to look like. The current Voodoo Empire 3.0 theme has been in use here for well over a year now. And beyond that this site has had a similar look for a couple of ears. I’ve learned a tonne in that time. The theme is nice, but it’s bloated – and dare I say – a little dated.

Every time I learned of a new feature or possibility, I added it here. We’ve got theme option menus up the wazoo! I can upload just about any image or font, and swap out just about any other portion of the website. From icons to leading letters, etc. Heck, I can even adjust leading letter sizes, or kerning from a menu. It’s all too much.

I think I want to lighten the site up. Not base it on such dark colours anymore. Definitely need to make use of html5 and css3 for certain. Now I need to use my Voodoo Doll who peeks from the header in some capacity. But even though I like fancy artwork, etc., I really want to rely as much as possible on pure css. Maybe just throw the voodoo guy, my logo, and any icons I need into one sprite image.

I plan to support all the formats, and have a good deal of pluggable areas so that I can modify things easily from my functionality plugin. Adding and deleting things as I want. I like to tinker! I just want the site lightened up some, and looking much more up to date. Anyone got any suggestions for me?