Well, I’ve got all the functionality in place. I took down the old hand coded html site, and put up a new WordPress install over at The Voodoo Empire. I’ve got some content up there. I’ve even moved over all of our member profiles, and our shop products. I took the time to set up redirects from all of our old member and product stuff here. So any links that may have pointed to anything on my site won’t be broken. I also simplified my e-commerce stuff. I don’t handle any processing anymore. I offload the custom items straight to the manufacturer, and I plan to use a simple paypal link to sell my art.

Now with that done, everything is nice and seperate. This site is my personal blog, VoodooPress handles all my WordPress stuff, and The Voodoo Empire handles all the empire stuff. As always, my services are your services!

  1. Got some stuff to sell? Art, music, etc? We can make it happen!
  2. Got some design you want on some products? We can get that set up and get it out to the public.
  3. The Voodoo Empire is always looking for members. Are you a musician, artist, writer, photographer, etc? Just want to be part of the community? Let one of us know! I’m super busy with school and work lately, but I still take the time each day to make sure the word gets out!
  4. For Voodoo Empire members, I’m happy to share my webhosting. All you gotta do is buy a domain name! Ankhjii and DJ Odawa both currently host with me. I can help get that going.
  5. I’m always looking for new music, especially local. Get it to me, and I’ll get it posted and publicized. Every new mix I put up gets about 500 downloads. But exceptional mixes may go further. DJ Odawa’s Crankshaft mix is creepin on 4000 unique downloads.
  6. Voodoo Empire members also get free email addresses if they want, based on the domains we own. It’s gmail based, so it’s familiar. It can also be set up to forward to an existing email so you don’t have to manage multiple accounts. I have about 20 email addresses all managed from one place.
  7. Need an outlet for some writing? We’re always looking for guest writers at all 3 sites, depending on what you want to talk about.

That’s what I can think of off the top of my head. I’m sure there is more cool stuff we can work out if needed!!