Well, recently after doing some major upgrades on the theme here on my blog, I tried to port the theme over to the shop.  It didn’t work so well, seems I can’t get the path info quite right on some special items using a routed subdomain.  So I looked into some solutions, and dreamed up a pretty good one.  With WordPress’ recent release of 3.0, lots of cool things became available….custom post types, better taxonomy control, etc.  So I decided to sit down and see what I could accomplish.  After a few hours of coding I’m pretty happy with the outcome.  So I’m incorporating the shop right here on my personal site.  That gives me even less sites to take care of, which is very cool.  So now we have my blog, the forums, and the shop all wrapped up here on www.rvoodoo.com.  The shop isn’t open yet….you can play around, but not buy anything yet.  I’ll open the doors real soon here.