Rev. Voodoo continues to work hard at recovering from the latest hacks.  The front end of all the websites look and feel fine once again.  This website, along with Ankhjii’s Fitness Site,, and The Voodoo Empire main page are fully recovered.  That still leaves the wedding services site, DJ Odawa’s page, the forums, and the wiki.

With these problems, and especially with the restoration we continually have to go through, we are considering paring down our sites once again.  Mainly, the forums.  It looks like sometime over the next few months, there will be a major new release of WordPress 3.0.  Perhaps after that happens, we may try to merge in a WP based forum, instead of the SMF forum we use now.  The more consolidated things are, the easier it will be to recover. 

Until then though, you can continue to count on us fighting the good fight to keep things running here, and all around the empire!