Well, most of the web development for The Voodoo Empire is complete, and now we are looking to grow.  What is the Voodoo Empire?  Basically at this time just a promotional tool.  Rev. Voodoo will promote the hell outta ya, and in return you do the same for The Voodoo Empire.  That’s it.  Rev. Voodoo will happily assist members in creating an online presence (maybe even give you your own online place if you need it..a la DJ Odawa and Ankhjii’s pages…..), we can give you a home for your music so others can download, we can help with product development and sales, we can help with basic graphic design, and in the future we will be looking into actual promotion….events and such. 

So if anyone is looking for a place to call home, The Voodoo Empire is looking for people!  We aren’t looking to compete with any established groups around town….more like trying to enhance what is already in place.  If you are interested, just contact Rev. Voodoo or one of the other members!  You don’t have to be local, we are accepting anyone looking to grow and help us grow.