Well, it’s actually just less than a month. Backyard bash time once again! Check out the original post for all the details! Ankhjii and I are trying to get all the details figured out. I’m trying to rent some chairs, so we all have a place to sit this year. Chairs have always been an issue. We’re trying to get some other cool stuff lined up in the yard. We’re also trying to figure out the trophy for the spicy food cookoff winner. Yep, remember we’re having a competition this year. So throw together your best spicy grub, and we’ll have a vote. Best dish wins the prize.

But don’t fret if spicy isn’t your thing. Bring whatever you want to eat. I’m sure there will be plenty of delicious grub to go around! Bring your friends of course, our only rule has always been that my house is a douche free zone! So only bring your fun friends!! You can bring your little ones too, we have a kiddie pool, we have a slip and slide. We’ve got decks and sound thanks to Tombraydar. So everything is good to go! See ya Labour Day weekend!