Well, Godaddy got a hold of me.  They want $150 to send me a backup sql file to fix my site.  Which is a ripoff.  They charge $150 to do a full site restore, recover lost files, fix problems, fix database, etc.  I don’t need them to do anything like that, I just needed a copy of an old sql file, which they have.  But they said it’s still going to be $150.  So I said forget it.  Luckily for quite some time now, WordPress has had an autosave feature.  So most of my posts had multiple revisions.  I was able to go into each post individually and roll it back one revision.  That worked until about mid 2008 where post revisions were no longer available.  So I lost my first 100 posts.  I may try to rebuild them one by one over the next few months.  I have the posts, they are just missing the letters r a t i n g s, which makes it a bit hard.  Somehow all my posts with music in them were spared, so I have all the Mix of the Moment posts, just nothing else.