A glorious day of food stuffed inside of other food! It’s the Great Cherpumpleoff. When cherpumple squares off against cherpumple in a battle of food goodness! What is a cherpumple? I’m glad you asked. Imagine, if you will, a cherry pie. Now… stuff it in a cake. Got that mental image? Good. Now imagine a pumpking pie…. and stuff that in a cake. Now the same goes for apple pie. OK, now we are imagining 3 pies… all inside of cakes. Stack ’em up on top of each other. Crazy right? OK, now stuff all of those pie stuffed cakes in a cake! There you have it, cherpumple!

Maybe it’s just me, but what food would be more fitting for dinner prior to this epic event, than a turduckhen? Animals stuffed inside animals, pies stuffed inside cakes. This will be an event to remember!