It’s time for a sweet mix, don’t you think? I know I’m ready for one. This weather has been kicking me down I think, but you know what is good for that? Know what can pick your spirits up and feeling like sunshine? Some quality house music! We got that for you right now from The Engineer! Dig this!


Wattie Greenv – Fly Away (Wattie Extended Mix)
Inland Knights – Same Talk
Wattie Green – Brazillian Heat (1200 Warriors Remix)
Trevor Vichas – Shake It
Colette – Crush (Sonny Fodera Remix)
The Brand New Heavies – Shelter
Rithma – Love & Music (Joshua’s Love The Dub Edit)
Buck Naked – Stressed The Fuck Out
Jully Black – Sweat Of Your Brow (Jason Hodges Remix)
Ross Couch – Rising Up (Jevne Up Rising Mix)
Giano – Feeling Good
Jam Funk – Keep On Moving
Chemars – Got Milk
Scrubfish – Royal Roost
Rob Wu – How You Do It (Byron Foxx Remix)
Tommy Largo – Sample Basics
Jason Hodges, William Alexander – Our World (Main Mix)