We have settled on a date for the annual backyard party. This year we will be doing it Labour Day weekend, Saturday, September the 3rd. Hopefully this will be plenty of advanced notice for ya’ll! You know how this goes down… I think this is the 6th year we’ve been doing it! We will have decks and sound for your DJing pleasure. We will have the grill. We will most likely have a chair shortage, we always do. Unfortunately, our neighbours moved out, so we don’t even have their picnic table to rely on. Hopefully by the time this rolls around, Ankhjii and I will have our own table. The big canopy survived from last year, so we will have that again for shade. Everything should be good to go.

Just like every year, bring your food to cook. Bring stuff to share if you can. Bring your booze, I’m not sure if we will have a keg or not. Depends on finances around that time.

Here’s the fun part. This year we have a bit of a theme. We are having a spicy food cook-off. Bring your favourite spicy recipe, and for the people that dig that sort of thing, we will have some sort of competition. There will be a trophy for the winner. The one thing we have to decide on is the judging criteria. I dunno if we are going for the hottest dish, or the best overall flavour, or maybe multiple categories? I’ll be looking for your input on that one.

The spicy thing is kind of a side event. Please bring your normal food too. I plan on making my spicy dish pretty darned warm…. to the point it probably won’t be that popular to the non chili heads, so I’ll be making some not so spicy food too.

So block off your calendar for September 3rd and come on out. Bring your food, bring your records, bring your spicy, and bring your own damn self! It’ll be a great end of the summer time!