Ankhjii has announced over on her site that she will take the stage at the 2013 Natural Universe competition in Chicago on August 31st. So many of you helped us in so many ways on the journey to the Glass Scepter a few months ago. With your support, she was able to win big and take home top honours. We hope we can count on you again. It’s only going to be her second figure competition and it is a huge deal! This is going to be a long, hard journey – now more than ever, Ankhjii will need all the support of her friends and family. Every little bit helps, the reassurance on Facebook, comments on her website, etc. I’ll have plenty of posts over the coming weeks giving all the details and whatnot – for now, I wanted to post this up so you all could read her announcement. Check it out, maybe give her a reply on her website or some encouragement on Facebook. These next 9 weeks are going to be crazy!

Anyone who missed out on her first competition, you can see what went down here:

Set 1, Set 2, Set 3