Just checked my calendar, only 10 more days to get ready for one of the hardest things I’m going to attempt do. If you didn’t see my last post describing what the Tour of Sufferlandria (ToS) is, you can peep it on this post. It’s a grueling, nine day indoor bike race against myself and the minions. I have less than two weeks to whip myself into shape in preparation for it, here’s my upcoming training.

  • Today: Ride
  • Tomorrow: Off
  • January 15-17: Ride
  • January 18: Off
  • January 19-21: Ride
  • January 22-23: Off, pre-race recovery
  • January 24: Stage 1

You probably didn’t need the details, but I put them here to remind me as well. Trying to space out recovery days and plan around other things. Unfortunately the way this all plays out, I will never do more than 3 rides in a row, each ride always has been 1 Sufferfest video. The ToS is nine days in a row, some days up to 3 videos. I predict much suffering. I honestly don’t know how I will finish this but I’m hoping by publicly stating my intentions it will hold me accountable.

At least my wife usually comes home right around when my rides finish so she can scrape me up off the floor……