The electronic music scene in Toledo seems to work in waves. There’s a lot of active folks and they stay active. But just like everything else, it ebbs and flows. Well for the past few months it seems the scene has been really gaining traction, a lot of good music, artists playing out, Bar EDM, etc. But this event goes above and beyond all of that, this is some srious happening going down in T-Town! I mean, look at that lineup:

  • John Acquaviva
  • Boomer Omegaman Reynolds
  • Drivetrain Derrick Thompson
  • Todd Perrine
  • Dennis Cox
  • Tantrum
  • Quake
  • Alastair
  • Jason Allen
  • DJ Daddy
  • Marty Noller
  • Chris Nelson
  • Jason Bowles
  • Goodwill
  • Omar A Garcia
  • Kenneth Klas

And there’s art to be seen too, featuring Nate Masternak. You’ve got big names, you’ve got the folks who have been holding the scene down in T-town forever, you’ve got it all! June 21st it happens, 9pm – 2:30 am. Hell, this thing is so big it’s going down at two venues, splitting up between BarEDM (the old BPM and 128) and Mainstreet. I suggest you hop on over to that side of town and check this thing out! Toledo electronic music coming at you full force!