The support from everyone is overwhelming! We are just over 5 weeks away now. Ankhjii has been busting her tail making preparations and of course continuing to work hard in the gym – the entire point of all this! I bet most of you have been keeping up on her progress over on Facebook. But just in case, here is the lowdown.

I’ve made some posts on my site describing everything that goes into this competition besides the obvious – Ankhjii has to work harder than ever in the gym, but that part is understood. Everything else that goes into it surprised me. After describing what we needed we showed off the Team YEO shirts, and then we had last week’s update where I did my best to thank everyone. After all of that activity, you guys just continue to amaze me! We’ve had a lot of donations come in, in fact, a good portion of the overall cost has been covered by your generosity! We’ve also sold 5 shirts in total so far, I’m hoping to get to at least 10 sold – we don’t make much $$$ on shirt sales, this is all about straight up awesomeness. Wearing that shirt is such an amazing show of support. And The comments and compliments just keep pouring in, and that helps Ankhjii to keep pushing through on those tougher days. Finally, the offers of contacts and services are so very helpful!

So what do we have done so far? Here’s what I can think of that has been finalized, arranged, etc. Ankhjii has her posing suit and her shoes, that is one giant slice of awesome! I’ve seen them and they look amazing – now I have not seen them on her, and that won’t happen until she is on stage, the same time everyone else gets to see the whole package. That anticipation might kill me, this is going to be some straight up awesomeness. I believe we are working on getting some Swarovski crystals so that the suit can be further enhanced. I believe we still also need to decide on some perfect accessories to add to the sparkle. Tomorrow night she has her posing class which took a good deal of work to arrange, we also have arrangements to get that videotaped. Being on stage requires a specialized tanning service, someone with experience for these types of competitions – that has all been arranged. When Ankhjii goes for her posing class, she will also be able to register for the competition. The day of the show she can buy her membership to be able to compete. We just went out and restocked some of her essential daily supplements, so we are good to go on that for a a little while. There’s even some smaller things like a robe to wear over her suit while backstage that has been picked up.

I’m sure I forgot some stuff, but I just wanted to try to describe what all of you have helped to make possible. And one of the biggest things, by helping us to take care of the stuff that would normally be stressful and a struggle, you’ve allowed Ankhjii to focus more on her hard work in the gym – that is something so vitally important right now.

There is is, many of the things she needs have been bought or arranged. Plans are all coming together and Ankhjii is working very hard. Before we know it, her very first figure competition will be here, the big day! I hope some more of you will be able to grab yourself a T-shirt, but more importantly, I hope you’ll be able to come out and cheer her on for the judging. All those details are in my first post.


Here’s the button if you’d like to contribute to the remaining costs for Ankhjii’s First Figure Competition.