It’s been quite while since I’ve added anything new to The Voodoo Empire shop. But this seemed like a great reason! I’m sure you’ve all heard about Ankhjii’s upcoming, first ever, figure competition. Our friend Nick designed a really nice image (which I can share with anyone who wants to make up their own stuff) that I wanted on a shirt. I put it together on Zazzle and bought one right away! Check out the shirt on our shop – you could buy one as is, but on Zazzle, you can move the image onto anything else you can think of, you can even add text or other stuff to your product. Very cool!

It’s not screen printed, it’s a transfer. I’m considering a batch of screened shirts, but I wanted to get one right away, so here is the first Team YEO shirt, which I will be wearing to the competition. Why not hit up Ankhjii’s own site, she is starting to post more and more there, hit her up with some words of support!