Well, I saw this article come through my RSS reader earlier, and it intrigued me. So I downloaded it to play around. A bit of a note here, this app costs $6.49, so you want to make pretty darned sure it’s something you are going to like ahead of time! I really liked the idea, so I gave it a whirl. It’s totally worth the money to me, here’s why.

I’m at work a lot, I’m at home a lot, I’m forgetful a lot. I use WiFi at work and home. I use GPS a lot out and about. I always forget to silence my phone at work. I forget to turn on WiFi at home or work, or I forget to turn it back off when I leave. Same thing for the GPS. All a royal PITA I think, and a lot of these things drain your battery, heavily! I’ve only had the app for about an hour. But after reading through the article I linked up above, I had a pretty good understanding of how things work. Here’s what I have my phone doing so far:

  • When I’m at work (according to my calendar) put my phone on vibrate. When I leave, ringer back on.
  • When I get close to work (by GPS) my GPS shuts down and my WiFi turns on
  • When I leave work (by network location) GPS on, WiFi off
  • When I get near my house (By GPS) again, GPS off, WiFi on
  • When I leave the house (net location again), GPS on, WiFi off

I already think that is going to help my battery out tremendously. Now I’m going to read through the wiki some more to see if anyone can help me come up with any new ideas. Anybody else out there using Tasker? What are you doing with it?