I’ve always used Runkeeper for tracking my activities. It works great, I like it. But, I always see folks that use Strava and they feel it is awesome for tracking bike rides. I looked into Strava and it really does seem to have a more robust community to it. With the 2015 Tour of Sufferlandria I’m completing now, there are many people on Strava and there is a group for it, there are no groups on Runkeeper. Most cyclists seem to use Trainer Road. I imagine, since I’m a numbers fiend, that next year I will want to try out Trainer Road. Well, how the crap do I keep my stats straight everywhere? I imagine I’m pretty late to the game in discovering this service, but I was immediately sold.

Tapiriik! This service is so easy it’s a bit crazy! It supports Runkeeper, Strava, Garmin, Sporttracks, Dropbox, Training Peaks, Ride With GPS, Endomondo, Motivato, Velo Hero, TrainerRoad, and Epson Runsense. But what does it do? Simple, you connect any of the apps you use and you can transfer all of your workout data! If you are just switching service, it’s totally free for manual transfers. You can connect a couple of apps and sync them and everything is on your new service. But they also have auto sync, everything you connect will sync once an hour. Get this, the auto-sync service will run you all of $2 for a year!

I signed right up and connected Runkeeper and Strava. My years of data in Runkeeper is now live on Strava, no hassle. So now, I can track in Runkeeper or Strava while I decide which I like better and everything will exist in both! See, I have to keep Runkeeper as it is the only service that syncs with my work – I get $1 per ride and it auto tracks for my insurance discounts (since I’m a fat guy). I can enjoy the Strava community and the Runkeeper automation at work with no problems!

Maybe I’m the last person on the planet to hear of this service, but just in case, I wanted to point it out to you!