Over the past couple years, Rev. Voodoo has experimented with many different software packages for building websites.  And those website services have been left online and available for anyone to use.  Keeping an eye on traffic level and activity it is apparent that some of these sites are just not used.  Sites like the Voodoo Community, Club Voodoo, VoodooSpace, and the VoodooPic site haven’t really been maintained in some time, and they really don’t match up with, provide use for, or present The Voodoo Empire very well.  So over the next little while these little side-project websites will be deleted.  This will leave the core Voodoo Empire sites for people to enjoy.  Besides why have anything up that’s substandard?

These following sites are the ones we will keep online for The Voodoo Empire as they are continuously monitored and improved:

If anyone actually likes any of the other sires, let us know before we delete them!