Wow, there’s no other way to put this – you guys rock! I mean, WOW! Just last week I put up a post discussing all the things that were going in to Ankhjii‘s first Figure Competition. I mean, it takes a lot; quite unreal. First and foremost is Ankhjii’s dedication and work. That girl has to put everything she’s got into this. We all know she works her tail off in the gym to begin with, but shit just got serious! She is in that gym multiple times a day, she’s lifting stuff, running around, jumping ropes, etc. Aside from the actual physical labour is the research and planning. What does she need to target, what works best, etc. Let’s not forget the diet and supplement regiment. The diet has gotten crazy strict and there are so many different supplements to help give her an edge. Those supplements all cost a lot of money of course, as does all the stuff she needs to compete, not to mention the coaching, memberships, registrations, etc. It all adds up, mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, etc.

Well that’s where you guys come in! The amount of support has exceeded my expectations already. Everyone is so supportive and helpful. On my first post, I attached a donation link in case anyone wanted to help Ankhjii out financially. The response to that was touching! A lot of folks really decided to help us out – and that money will all go directly to this competition. You all have made sure that we can really do this without maxing out our credit cards or anything. I cannot express just how much you’ve helped – for Ankhjii to be the best she can be, she shouldn’t have to worry about money. So thank you very much.

After that first post I put up a link to a shirt I had set up on my Zazzle shop, with artwork from our friend Nick Galindo. I honestly hadn’t expected much of a response. I bought one, of course – that was the reason I designed it! But if I am not mistaken, I think we have sold four additional shirts from the shop. That’s so cool! I think that shows tremendous support, walking around with a Team YEO shirt on! We’ve also had several folks offer up resources to us, various contacts they know who have experience in the industry. Those were surprising and very cool offers. And then there’s just the words of encouragement. So many people just keep offering kinds and inspiring words to Ankhjii. That really matters! We are less than 7 weeks away from the competition now. The challenges will get harder, her effort will have to grow, more and more she will need that encouragement.

I hope you all will continue to support Ankhjii as she continues to prepare. Financial donations are always welcome (link at the bottom of this post) – that money ONLY goes to competition expenses – attire, fees, memberships, services, supplements, etc. Don’t forget the super cool Team YEO shirt that we have, I’d love to see many folks wearing that shirt – I have mine coming any day now, in bright pink! Please do continue to offer up those words of encouragement to Ankhjii, here, on her site, on Facebook, and in person. She really needs that.

And finally, we sure do hope you will find your way to the actual competition. It’s on April 27th at the Maumee Theatre on the corner of Conant and the Trail. Details are available back on my first post and I will keep posting them. The competition does cost money to attend, but that supports the group who hosts the competition and help ensure future events.

Once again, thank you all so much for such strong support right from the start.