Shoe shopping is hard online! First I had to decide what I wanted, that kind of went hand in hand with picking my pedals. Mountain bike shoes are designed for walking around a bit more, road bike shoes are pretty impractical for walking. But even on my mountain bike, when I was out for long rides, I never needed to go walk around. So I went with road bike shoes that supported the larger cleats.

Then I had to pick my size, I still don’t know if I got that right, we shall see! I bought these from Amazon just in case I get the size wrong and need to swap. Bike shoes are all in UK sizes apparently. Wouldn’t necessarily be a problem but each manufacturer seems to vary greatly on the sizes. I must have read hundreds of reviews for several shoes before settling on these, looking for comfort, no hot spots, durability, and finding what size should actually fit. I finally settled on, what I think, should be a great entry level shoe. The Shimano SH-R088L.