I posted last week about the shoes and pedals I had selected. I bought them through Amazon because I had some gift card credit there. It’s a bit nerve wracking ordering stuff like that online. Buying without trying so-to-speak. I did a lot of research and was pretty confident in what I needed, but it’s hard to be sure, especially with stuff you aren’t familiar with. Well the pedals are aweome. They look really nice, everything is smooth on them, the bearings and mechanism are certainly quality. The shoes worried me a bit more, especially with how hard I heard it was to properly order them since they come in UK sizes and manufacturers seem to vary a good deal. Luckily half the world seems to wear a US size 10.5 so I could read a good deal online about sizing. I ordered a size 45 and they are an exact fit. I’m pretty ecstatic about that!

So, I still need a bike, lol. I’m pretty well going to have to wait on that. I need the ground to be dry to be able to test ride the bikes, and I need a final round of test rides to decide between the Giant line and the Specialized line.