I had to take my bike to the shop last night. The shop recommended somewhere after 100 miles I get it in just to give it a once over to make sure everything had broken in nicely. I am well over 200 miles but I didn’t want to go without her! The shop said it could take up to a week depending on load since it’s the start of the season and everyone is bringing their bikes in! Well, I waited until the weather looked crappy and finally brought her in to the shop.

I lucked out it seems! It only took overnight, my bike is already ready. I can go get it tonight. Now I’m gonna be bummed if the weather doesn;t clear up soon! I need to get back on and ride! I have a new pair of shorts with more padding. I’m going to try some more rides to see if I can get used to the seat. If not, I’m seriously looking into a Selle SMP Extra seat which has ore padding and a lot of good reviews.