[nggallery id=1]Those of you who have hung out at Rev. Voodoo’s place know Vyvyn well. We noticed he was having a tough time with his teeth and took him to the vet for a check up. First thing we found out was that Vyvyn only has a few teeth left, and those are rotten. So he needs them ALL removed. It looked like Vyvyn was doomed to gum soft food forever. But first he needed some blood work done and that’s when we got even worse news. Seems he has lots of problems with his blood work and the vet would like him tested for feline leukemia. However funds are short and we are already up to a few hundred dollars to sort out the trouble. So for now Vyvyn is required to take vitamin supplements, antibiotics, and a kitty steroid to try to sort out the trouble. After a couple weeks of that he will have his blood retested to see how he is doing. If all goes well he will then have his remaining teeth extracted. Poor Kitty!