Well, I did notice one thing donig all that bike shopping. Bikes don’t come with pedals! The shops will throw on some plastic ones for the test ride, but I needed to do some shopping! I was looking for clip in, of course. I went round and round trynig to figure out if I needed SPD-SL or SPD. It’s hard to get straight answers sometimes. Turns out the SPD is mainly for mountain bikes, smaller cleat that can be recessed into a shoe, easier to clip in and out, but less platform area and stability. I was looking for stability and performance. So I went with the 3 bolt, larger cleat, SPD-SL over the 2 bolt SPD.

So here is what I settled on. The peddles from the Ultegra component line, which is a step up from even the 105 components I am looking for on my bike. I’d love to have Ultegra components all around on the bike, but those bikes start at $2500-$3000. As far as the pedals go, there was only a $15 difference between 105 and Ultegra so I went for it. I’m getting a good, wide platform on these with a little bit of float. I don’t know how much side to side float is good for me with my jacked up hip. I got a decent priced on these and hope they work well!