I’ve had this site for nearly a decade and it’s gotten many facelifts in that time. I’m chanig things up a fair bit this time. The most obvious change is the fresh coat of paint. My last theme that I’d enjoyed for years is no longer supported. Seems as good a time as any to make the change. Plus, I’m using Divi on other sites and I just really like it. So I flipped the switch on the change but I haven’t made the tweaks yet. It’ll look better over time.

I also overhauled my categories. As I closed down The Voodoo Empire’s online presence and some other specialized sites I had, I imported everything here. Not to mention, the focus of my site has changed over time. My categories kept growing! I’ve gone from about 20 categories to 10. They focus on blurbs (shorter posts), cycling related posts broken up in some subcategories, miscellany posts where I just post what I want (like this post), music, and other projects.

I’m also killing off unnecessary plugins and code to speed the site up. I used to have a tonne of specialized things that I don’t need anymore. So I’m going to incorporate what I can if it seems necessary, and whittle down those plugins.

I used to have a tonne of redirection plugins and all kinds of stuff to keep my Google juice flowing, but I don’t care much any more, I’m really posting for me as much as anyone. So the redirets are gone too. I have my URL links the way I like them and I’ll just let the site grow as it grows.

If I’m going to spend time trying to grow audience, it’ll be on my wife’s online presence. My site is just for fun these days!

Online Spring cleaning in Fall, whatever works!