There hasn’t been much activity here around The Voodoo Empire lately.  That’s just due to the fact that in every spare moment, Rev. Voodoo and Ankhjii have been renovating.  Granite tile went in yesterday, paint for the past couple weeks, carpet today.  It’s been hectic.  But we really want the rooms done before the get-together!  And that is just one week away folks!  That’s right, next Friday, February 12th is the 2010 Winter Olympics Opening Cermonies.  We are starting things off at about 7pm.  The Ceremonies start at 7:30pm, so you defiitely want to be over by then!  Bring drinks, food, whatever  (we have a stove or grill or whatever if you feel like cooking something).  If you plan on coming, try to let us know….but if you aren’t sure…or decide to come at the last minute, that’s always cool with us!  We hope to see ya next week!