Wow, it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that Ankhjii announced she would be competing. But we are really down to the wire now. In one week she takes the stage and becomes an actual athlete on stage! Now is the time to truly show your support. She has been training, practicing, and sacrificing for this show. This last week will be gruelling as she dials everything in and gets in the proper mindset for this competition. We don’t know until it all happens how many other girls will be involved and how many people she might compete against – but that really isn’t what all of this is about. When she takes the stage, she is competing against herself most of all. And that is a hard competition to pull off!

Anything you can do now to show support will mean the world. Those posts on Facebook, or on her website, or the words in person are so important during this last week. When she questions herself for the millionth time, or if any doubts creep into her head, all the positivity from all of her friends will pull her back in and help her maintain focus. She needs to be in the zone and we can all help her stay there! If you need to read up on any of the details, they can be found on our previous posts.

Last minute shirt orders, various details, 5 weeks out, near the beginning, and her initial announcement (with donation link).

Like I said, anything you can do now is so absolutely important. And for those of you planning to attend, you will need to contact me if you have any questions – especially the day of the competition. As you can imagine, Ankhj is incredibly busy – the day of the show, she won’t have her phone at all so please contact me!