I can’t believe it is only a week until Ankhjii’s next figure competition – and this one is going to be huge! She is leaping from her first step – from a smaller, local competition right to an international pro qualifier. The accomplishment is huge no matter how the results come out (that being said – I’m pretty confident in what she is going to do)! We’ve relied so heavily on our friends and family. To be quite honest, this simply would not be possible without that support! We wouldn’t have the financial means to have made these first two shows a reality, and I don’t know how we could have done it without the emotional support!

We’ve received a couple of very generous donations recently which are going to go a long way towards helping us out. We still have some more definite expenses to deal with – and even more potential expenses if Ankhjii should happen to win her pro card. One way or another, we will make this all happen! If you want to donate to helping her out, there is still time. For a list of everything you could do to help us, check out this article. If you would like to support her financially, here is the link.


For everyone who has helped so far, thank you so much. I know we haven’t had much time to thank each of you personally – when the show is over and the dust settles, we will have a little more time to get caught up. And … I hope we can count on seeing all of you at the upcoming Voodoo Empire Backyard Bash!!