Well, I’m at the end of Nutrisystem Month 2, and this month definitely wasn’t as good as the first. A lot of that was my fault however. I did a lot of family dinners, that turned in to full blown cheat days. School wasn’t too difficult last quarter, so I could have a few drinks with Mrs. Yeo and friends. So after 2 months, I’m at 218.4. That’s a total of 22 pounds, making my grand total between 4HB and Nutrisystem 32 pounds. I’m back down to the weight I was when I got out of the nursing home, and the weight I was at the Traband’s wedding (which means my suit will fit well again)!

I’m getting ready to start box 3. I think I’ll do a 3rd month of Nutrisystem, and then take a month or so off, and see how I do on my own. My goal is to get down to my pre-accident weight of 199, I was pretty darned happy with that weight. Hopefully by the end of the summer, I’ll be under 200 pounds. I plan to start riding my bicycle again once the early morning weather is warm enough. Cycling is one of the only exercises I can do well anymore. The accident left me with some hip and back issues, which aren’t too bad if I don’t do anything too crazy. This next month of nutrisystem should be more productive. No holidays coming up in the next month, so no excuses for cheat days. And this quarter class is hella hard, so I don’t have any time to indulge in the boozes. Here’s to a good month!