Seems like my main website would be a groovy place to mention the new website I just launched. Originally I just wanted one of the new top level domains (TLD) that came out. There are plenty, .bike, .photography, .construction, etc. I was just gonna get one like or something. But I don’t need any more Voodoo Empire sites, we are covered there. Then I thought that having a place to talk about biking might be fun.

After all, I break out sites to keep clutter out of here, so to speak. This site is my blog, it’s mostly my ramblings, thoughts, music I like, etc. If I find myself talking about one particular topic too much, it gets its own site. Since I planned to post a lot of bike specific content while I’m bike shopping and I want to autopost my weigh-ins and ride stats, I thought that was a great reason to make a new site. I’ll give it a try for a year and see how it all goes. If you want to read about what I’m doing bike wise, or you want to chat about cycling, and especially if you have any tips for me, head on over to my new site –!