Yesterday we posted up about the Water Hill Music Festival in Ann Arbor. Joe King realized that we might need a few items to hand out while we are having some fun! Both Joe King and DJ Odawa are going to be playing, and hopefully we will have some fresh mixes that you haven’t heard before available at the fest. But I’m all out of stickers! I threw a design together last night in about 5 minutes. It’s nothing stellar, I was in a serious rush. I needed to get it to the printers before they closed so I could approve a proof if I had any hopes of getting these in time. I went with a smaller 3″ x 3″ size, I got a great deal on them, and I’ve found that more people will actually use the smaller sizes and stick them on stuff! We want our stickers to get some mileage!

There’s no guarantee I’ll have them, The turnaround is normally 10 days, plus shipping – which would normally get them here toward the 8th-1th of May. The festival is on the 6th… the shop is sure they will have them out the door in 5 days, but it’s still a tight timeline! Let’s hope for the best!