This site has always had a fairly serviceable up0load feature on our upload page, found in the services tab!  It’s been kind of flaky lately, but that’s fixed now, so it can be used.  But much bigger and better news is the all new file sharing service available through the new Voodoo Empire homepage.  It can be accessed directly at, or simply by going to The Voodoo Empire site and clicking the services tab.  It’s a fairly powerful filesharing service allowing users to upload and download files up to about 200Mb.  It has image resizing options, inline media players, automatic file zipping for downloads…..all in all, it’s pretty cool!  You do have to sign up for the service, but that’s not so bad eh?  It’s also a good way for people to get music or art online they would like me to fisplay/distribute!  Enjoy the service!